Yesterday, I went to the US Embassy in London to get a tax form stamped so I don’t get double taxed for a book I’m doing for Harper Collins N.Y.

What a palava! They would not let me in with my folio and Lee Scratch Perry shopping trolly so they sent me down the road to a chemist who looked after my luggage for £4,00p while I was told it would take 10 weeks to get a reply once the form and letter had been submitted! No wonder there are people on hunger strike outside the building! I could be dead from starvation myself if I have to wait that long for my advance!

The day improved when I bought a very retro red dress from Yammy’s Boutique in Brixton Market. It went beautifully with my crab hat for Sarah McIntyre’s and Phill Reeve’s launch party for their brilliant new book, Seawigs, published by OUP at Daunt Books in Marylebone High StreetSeawigs, published by OUP - photo

Very well organised launch with drawing  demo and songs of Seawigs. Sarah was wearing a longer red dress with magnificent sea Squid hat. Her squid and my crab hat nearly locked jaws when trying to peck each other on the cheek!!

Phill looked rather bewildered and I walked off with the wrong book. It is signed to Leila and Emma.

Please step forward to claim your Seawigs!