Odedina steps down as Hot Key m.d.

Sarah Odedina - photo from the Bookseller

Odedina steps down as Hot Key m.d.

Published November 10, 2014 on The Bookseller. By Charlotte Eyre

Sarah Odedina is stepping down from her role as m.d. of Hot Key Books with immediate effect.

Bonnier, which owns Hot Key, made no comment on Odedina’s departure apart from saying the search for her replacement had started. Odedina will stay at the company until 30th April 2015 but Bonnier did not say in what capacity that will be.

Odedina launched Hot Key Books in 2012 after leaving her position as group editor-in-chief for children’s books at Bloomsbury, where she oversaw J K Rowling’s Harry Potter series.

Odedina was named as m.d. of non-fiction imprint Red Lemon Press when it launched in January 2013. However, that imprint came under the supervision of Perminder Mann when Bonnier moved it to Dorking, Surrey, last November.

During Odedina’s time at the Hot Key she was behind several successful launches, including Sally Gardner’s CILIP Carnegie award-winning Maggot Moon.

She has also published big-name YA authors Dawn O’Porter and the current Queen of Teen James Dawson.