Owing to reconstruction at Random House Puffin I have heard the very sad news today that my publicist, Care Hall-Craggs, (Publicity Director) at Random House for the past 15 years is leaving on 13th May.

This is sad news indeed as she has been vital in the promotion of many of my best sellers.

The rumour for these redundancies, which seem only to be happening on the Random House side and not the Puffin side, is that Random House Children’s books has been under-performing for years.

I wish all the best to my favourite people being affected by these drastic measures. I do feel that Children’s Publishing is moving towards digitalisation which is more cost effective than print books.

This will cause more redundancies in the actual reproduction/distribution of print books; also putting Print Book Shops at more risk of closure.

I feel the future of printed picture books lies with smaller, exclusive publishers, for a smaller and discerning market.

This is why I am working for publishers like Ron Johns at Mabecron Books. and publishing with my own digital company, Inky Sprat