Book Details

Publisher: Hodder and Stoughton
Reading Age: 8+
Interest level: 5+
Pages: 134
First Published: 2017

Princess Smartpant’s long lost Fairy God Mother Doris needs her help…

In Fairy tale land, Fairy God Mothers are being made redundant, and replaced by Fairy Geek Mothers. All traditional Fairy God Mothers grant everyone three nice wishes. But the Fairy Geek Mothers have their own website where people can buy wishes online… what could possibly go wrong?

Well, in Fairy Tale Land, it’s the fairy tales which are suffering. For example, Princess Beatrice has bought a wish: to magic an ugly wart on her sister’s nose, and her sister is annoyed, to say the least. Meanwhile, Goldilocks has a sore tummy because certain bears have wished for her porridge to go bad.

If the fairy tales don’t get fixed, children will never know the real ones! Can Princess Smartpants help Doris find a way to make fairy tales good again?

This ‘first chapters’ book sees the feminist icon that is Princess Smartypants starring in her second full-length adventure story. Featuring plenty of hilarious black and white illustrations, this will appeal to fans of the Princess’ picture books who are ready for more complex plots.