Dear Blogbunnies

As I ‘ave  never ‘ad cause to write  a bloggins before I shall tell thee, in the form of this letter, what has been happening in Carroton and the red hills thereabout since I told my story of “James Rabbit and the Giggleberries”.

As you know  my lovely wife, Pearl, got a job as cook for Lord and Lady Brockenhurst and discovered an  old greenhouse, in the walled garden of Set House, in which I planted those peculiar carrot seeds I did buy from  Salome and Delilah Acorn.

They grew into the strangest berries that ticked you so bad you could not stop giggling. Pearl was very angry because she could not feed them to our  baby bunnies but after being tickled to bits she had the idea of giving ’em away, outside the River Bank in town, to all those poor sad little animals  what that mean old Slimey Croaker, the bank manager, ‘ad done out of all their  ‘ard earned pennies!

As a result, Carroton went completely mad, with everyone giggling, dancing and singing in the street. It was the wildest thing that ever happened down here in the West Country!

Even Slimy Croaker, who fell into a pram load of berries, became a much nicer Toad and gave all the bank’s money away.

My wife Pearl said that mean old toad would get his comeuppance one day and she were right as always. The trusties of the bank was so cross they had him arrested . He is doing a stretch in Plymouth Prison but he don’t mind because he cannot stop giggling.

Lord and Lady Brockenhurst have given me a job growing Giggleberries for their Fun Park at Bunny Salterton. Them human tourists does love my berries so because the giggling makes ’em forget all their worries .There is only the one side effect of blowing bumbubble gas when first you get tickled but they does not mind that at all. In fact they is holding regular competitions at Bunny Salterton for the loudest one! This makes ’em giggle even more.

James Rabbit and the Giggleberries - Illustration by Babette Cole

James Rabbit and the Giggleberries – Illustration by Babette Cole

My Giggleberries have done so well I have given up my job working for those Measely Weasel Brothers and now have my own green houses and a good piece of land I call Giggleberry Farm.

My baby bunnies are now fat and well and fairly busting out of their worsted waistcoats.

Pearl and myself are plannin’ on takin’ em to Bunnybados for a holiday. There is so many of us we are chartering a plane from Exeter Airport!

We will send thee a postcard!

P.S. Oh, that nice Mr Ron Johns what is publishing my book in June this year at Mabecron Books ‘as just taken it to the biggest Bunny Book Fair in the World at Bunlogna in Italy. So much did it make the Australian, German/ French, Japanese and Chinese bunny’s giggle there they ‘ave ordered a big bunch of them in their own languages for their children.

Mr Ron had not been there before or tried to sell stories to foreign bunnies so he has done very well. His secretary, Debbie, says he came back looking and acting like a Giggleberry!

I will ask him to include a basket of Giggleberries with each order which will have the desired effect of them publishers orderin’ more books about the “Wildest West Country Tales” by the lady what wrote it all down and drew such very good pictures. (I think her name is Bunny Cole)

Yours Sincerely

James Rabbit