“Babette had a wonderful time in Zurich  at the International Storytelling Conference. She was treated like a queen!

“Thanks to Regula Fuchs and everybody who  organised the event. Thanks also to Claudio for looking after me and taking me to the airport.

“It was held in a very new university building which was like being inside an apple computer. Even the lift had to be programmed with secret codes and spoke to you in three different languages.


“Sadly the reception party lost it’s duck from the menu as it got stuck/confused in the lift. It is probably still there.

“Babette had a moment of panic trying to find the ladies’  loo as every floor looked the same !

“She met some incredible people like Dr. Jean Brewser, methodologist and educationalist  who has used Princess Smartypants and many other of Babette’s books in her papers on role models and education. She also met Proff Daniela Elsner and Dr Nikola Mayer specialising in Graphic Novels and comics.They were especially impressed by Babette’s Inky Sprat Books for the i book store and expressed interest in working with Inky Sprat on a new project. She also had dinner with the fascinating Bengt Soderhall from University of Gavie, Sweden and the wonderful storyteller, Richard Martin.

“Babette’s lecture and workshop on storyboarding was a sell out. Everyone had a great laugh and really enjoyed the sessions.

“The bookshop sold out of Babette’s books in minutes so it was just as well she bought some of her own along with DVD’s and prints which were all sold (She bought an i pad with the money!)

“She read Gangsta Granny by David Walliams on the plane. Tony Ross at his best here with wild illustrations.

“This book was nominated for The Funny Prize when it came out It has some very funny bits but poor Gran dies of cancer in the end so no wonder it did not win!

“Zurich was set alight by Babette’s hat and frocks! Vivian of Holloway and Yammy’s Boutique in Brixton should expect a flood of Swiss ladies soon!”