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      International Conference on Storytelling

      250 245 Babette Cole

      Babette’s Hot Gossip 2

      Babette is appearing 13th-14th  September at an International Conference  on Storytelling in Switzerland.

      The Event is organised by a lady named Regula Fuchs.   Go to to find out more

      International conference on story-telling and foreign language learning

      13 and 14 September 2013
      Zurich University of Teacher Education

      Story-telling is more than a powerful educational tool – it’s a way of being in the world and experiencing life. Stories make for a lively language classroom, and picture books as well as graphic novels give access to far-away contexts and realms of fantasy.Tell me a story, show me the world! - image

      «Tell me a story, show me the world» is a two-day event for teachers, teacher trainers and student teachers with a wide variety of workshops and paper presentations. Its purposes are

      • to inspire participants,
      • to share ideas and experiences from research and practice,
      • to tell and listen to a lot of good stories.

      The aim is for everyone to go home with stories to tell and new ideas to put into practice…..More Here

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