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      How to Put Your Parents to Bed in the New York Times!
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      How To Put Your Parents To Bed  by Mylisa Larsen. Illustrated by Babette Cole. My latest book was featured in the New York Times Book Review! So exciting! Watch out,…

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      Harry Potter Returns to a Bookshop near you this Summer
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      Harry Potter fans all over the world will have Sunday 31st July 2016 marked down in their calendars, as this is when the next story in the Harry Potter saga…

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      Babette’s Latest Book!
      800 402 Babette Cole

      New Book: How to Put Your Parents to Bed How to Put Your Parents to Bed by Mylissa Larson and Illustrated by Babette Cole was out to buy on the…

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      Find out what fabulous projects Babette is working on!
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      At present Babette is working on Three new Princess Smartypants Novels and one picture book called “Mummy and Daddy made a Baby?” for Hodder Children’s Books… The first novel Princess…

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      Babette’s 2015 Close Call
      624 350 Babette Cole

      Watch BBC 1 on Wednesday 6th Jan at 11.45 a.m. Close Calls to see how I survived horrific Cow attack and how Rachel Hobbs saved my life.

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      PPA Independent Publishing Company of the Year, 2015
      1080 692 Babette Cole

      The Chelsea Magazine Company has been named Independent Publishing Company of the Year 2015 at the Professional Publishers Association Independent Publisher Awards 2015. Celebrating the dynamic contribution made to the…

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      Spider Eye, Babette Cole and Trouble With Mum
      685 376 Babette Cole

      The Trouble with Mum is a series based on the best-selling books by Babette Cole which we’re developing with the fabulous Mellie Buse from Adastra. Wonderful day recording our pilot…

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      Babette Cole and Her New TV Series
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      The latest Hot Gossip about Babette Cole and Her New TV Series. Babette is currently in France on holiday but making her way down to Toulouse for Cartoon Forum where she…

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      You are a really good teacher Babette
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      Dear Babette Thank you so much for your help. I am very thankful. You are a really good teacher, and you should teach more as well. It inspired me a lot, and…

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      Five on Treasure Island
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      On my desk this morning advanced copies of The Famous Five! A beautiful colour edition of the first ever classic Famous Five Adventure by Enid Blyton, FIVE ON A TREASURE…

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