At present Babette is working on Three new Princess Smartypants Novels and one picture book called “Mummy and Daddy made a Baby?” for Hodder Children’s Books…

The first novel Princess Smartypants and the Missing Princes is a right royal romp as only Princess Smartypants can!
Hilariously funny it will be published with 50 line drawings Sept 2016 to mark Princess Smartypant’s 30 th Birthday.

Princess Smartypants new novels preview

The other two are to follow and run along the same scandalously funny Fairytale lines.
Already heralded by her publisher as Babette’s funniest books yet, you can keep track of how she is making them on this website.

“Mummy and Daddy made a Baby?” will be published 2017 and is the, diary of a baby inside Mummy.
It is also extremely funny with Babette’s wacky illustrations showing exactly what Baby is getting up to as he grows inside Mummy.
Very useful book for pregnant mums with young children as it accurately maps the baby”s development along with his adventures.
Following in the steps of her controversial award winning ,best seller ,sex education Book,”Mummy Laid an Egg” it is
Perfect for explaining pregnancy from conception to birth to very young children.”