Babette’s artwork will be available for all to share very soon!

      832 468 Babette Cole

      Prior to Babette’s sad passing in January 2017, she was busy creating new works and collating her existing artwork so that it could be uploaded, shared and enjoyed by all.

      This project was put on hold following Babette’s death, and over the past year we have been focussing on the best way to fulfil her wishes and those of her close friends and family.

      We are pleased to say that as of the New Year, we have been busy scanning Babette’s wonderful artwork with a view to eventually uploading them to the website so that her wonderfully playful thoughts and incredible talents can be shared with generations to come.

      Once all the artwork has been scanned, we are pleased to announce that the shop will be reopened so that fans can own and enjoy their very own illustration from Babette’s extensive catalogue of work.

      Babette was a truly remarkable lady who created such fantastic characters as the infamous Princess Smartypants, subverting the traditions of children’s literature and creating a hero for so many. She also introduced difficult topics such as puberty, sex and childbirth in her books Hair in Funny Places (1999) and Mummy Laid an Egg! (1993).

      Babette was a lovely, warm hearted and caring lady who loved nothing more than making people smile, laugh and fall into her wildly colourful and exciting world of mischief. We hope you like the new artwork once it is upload.

      The grand opening is planned for Spring/Summer 2018 so watch this space!

      Following our previous post, we have loved hearing your memories of Babette and her wonderful stories. Please continue to share them with us in the comments section below and we’ll look to post everything together on the website for others to enjoy.

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      • Maria Jones

        In 1984, I was given “The Trouble With Mum” for my fourth birthday, it soon became (and still is) my favourite book. Babette’s illustrations were absolutely enchanting and even now, at 37, I love to flick through the pages and spot something I hadn’t noticed before. I am an aunt (actual and honorary) to a lot of children, many of them have received “The Trouble With Mum” for their fourth birthdays. As copies became harder and harder to come by Dr Dog became my new favourite to gift which has always gone down incredibly well, especially with the boys!

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