Babette Cole’s EBooks!

      Babette Cole

      Babette Cole has set up digital publishing company, Inky Sprat, to release beautiful ebooks of her own works and those of other authors.

      The Other Royal Baby – Babette Cole

      Babette Cole’s hilarious royal baby, Prince Change-a-Lot, is not too impressed with the way the grown-ups are running the country. With a quick rub of the royal potty, a baby genie appears and turns things on their head. …… More Here!

      The Trouble with Gran

      The trouble with Gran is that she’s secretly an alien! …… More Here!

      THAT’S just two of Babette’s Great eBooks!

      See all the ebook covers (so far!) below and click the picture to see more details!

      Babette Cole iBook covers - ibBook cover illustrations

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