Book Details

Publisher: Red Fox
Reading Age: 7+
Interest level: 5+
Pages: 32
Published: 01/12/2008

Dr Dog has fled the Gumboyle family to have a restful island holiday. When they appear, he escapes into the jungle.

Soon he meets Professor Dash Hund, who is tracking the Nosenip Terriblanus, a child-eating plant with potentially priceless sap. Worryingly, a trail of Nosenip slime leads back to camp…

The doctors are administering herbal remedies to the boil, burn and bite-affected Gumboyles when a starving Nosenip pounces on Baby Gumboyle.

Disaster is only averted by the boil bursting on Kev’s bottom. The Gumboyles have now had enough of island life and leave the doctors to relax.
Gloriously graphic illustrations of bubbling potions, amazing natural remedies, hungry Nosenips and mad scientists bring this comic, yet informative, tropical tale to life.