Hi BabetteI just wanted to write to you to say thank you for writing the books that you do. As a child I adored them, particularly Princess Smartypants, and now almost two decades later I’m starting to realise the impact these books had on my life.

It’s definitely been positive, at least in my opinion.

The discussion of childhood books came up with a friend of mine a few weeks ago and Princess Smartypants was certainly one of the few that I could remember clearly and with much affection.

A little scavenging in some dusty boxes and I found my copy. Put simply, upon re-reading it I realised how much I aspire to lead a life like her’s (not a princess obviously, but not requiring a man to define or complete me as a person).

So far so good, even if it’s still a little socially unacceptable for some reason. Anyway, somewhat fangirly now but I decided to recreate that first page from the book but as it is in my life, with all of my ridiculous menagerie (this was certainly something that I’ve always felt I’ve shared with the Princess.)

Enjoy and thank you so much, if I ever choose to have children, your books will always have a place on their shelves

Madeline Pettet