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      Princesss Smartypants and the Fairy Geek Mothers – Babette Cole
      651 1000 Babette Cole

      by Babette Cole Princess Smartpant’s long lost Fairy God Mother Doris needs her help… In Fairy tale land, Fairy God Mothers are being made redundant, and replaced by Fairy Geek…

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      Fetlocks Hall 2 The Ghostly Blinkers
      400 610 Babette Cole

      by Babette Cole Fetlocks Hall is in trouble! The school is desperately short of funds and, unless some money can be found, it may have to close! The Headmistress is…

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      Princess smartypants breaks the rules
      400 335 Babette Cole

      by Babette Cole When the Queen packs off Princess Smartypants to finishing school, it seems that our favourite royal might become a perfect princess after all . . . huh,…

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      Winni Allfours
      475 360 Babette Cole

      by Babette Cole Winni Allfours wants a pony more than anything else in the world, but her parents don’t approve, until Winni gets a brilliant idea

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      Two of Everything
      400 400 Babette Cole

      by Babette Cole Demetrius and Paula Ogglebutt are two perfectly beautiful children, but they have a pair of parents who do nothing but argue, bicker and clash. In fact, Demetrius…

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      True Love
      400 400 Babette Cole

      by Babette Cole When the new baby arrives, Truelove the puppy doesn’t understand why he is getting secondary treatment and being yelled at more than ever, so after he is…

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      Three Cheers for Errol
      318 247 Babette Cole

      by Babette Cole Spelling, sums and even art are beyond Errol the Rat, but he intends to prove to the other rats that his prowess in sports excells them all.…

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      The Vampire Holiday
      945 1345 Babette Cole

      by Babette Cole Count Alucard decides to visit a seaside resort. He gets a job working on the ghost train at the funfair and it’s here that he meets up…

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      The Sprog Owners Manual
      400 446 Babette Cole

      by Babette Cole ‘Warning Note: Before acquiring a sprog, please read the following instructions VERY CAREFULLY. ‘From acquisition to waste disposal, fuel to framework and fittings, this book contains everything…

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      The Slimy Book
      318 409 Babette Cole

      by Babette Cole Sticky, sludgy, slippy slime, The sloppy, ploppy, creepy kind. The pages of this book are jam-packed with every imaginable sort of slime. From slimy pockets to slimy…

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