Nungu and The Hippopotamus

      by Babette Cole

      An enterprising young boy, Nungu, sets off in search of the mischief-making hippo who has swallowed up the entire Umvuvu River, which once flowed right around Tubu Island in the heart of Africa.

      Nungu’s grandfather, a fellow Tubu islander, gifts Nungu a special hiccuping medicine, formulated to make Madam Hippo expel the stolen river from her tummy. Armed with this, a particularly tempting pumpkin and his personal store of courage, Nungu sets out with his faithfully lazy donkey Masheety, to find Madam Hippo and restore the Umvuvu to his people.

      Book Details

      Author: Babette Cole
      Publisher: Macdonald Purnell
      Published: 1982
      Pages: 28
      Style: Unpaginated, Hardback

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