A Dose of Dr. Dog Paperback


      Formats: Paperback

      Doctor Dog, the Gumboyle family’s favourite pet and their very own trusty physician, is having a well-deserved rest on a tropical island. Until, that is, the Gumboyles turn up and need rescuing from a variety of nasty holiday ailments! With the help of the long lost herbal scientist Professor Dash-Hund, Dr Dog uses herbal remedies to soothe mosquito bites and sunburn, settle a nasty case of motion sickness and draw out a big juicy boil. But the Gumboyles have one problem that even Dr Dog can’t solve. A hungry and highly dangerous plant is lurking in the campsite and it could strike at any moment…

      Author: Babette Cole

      Publisher: Puffin Random House


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      Weight500 g
      Dimensions300 x 200 x 20 mm

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      Due to the sad passing of Babette in the early hours 14/1/17 sales are temporarily suspended